Jam Hsiao wants to end verbal war with fan

Jam Hsiao

Taiwanese Mandopop singer Jam Hsiao announced his intention to end the verbal war with his infamous fan, Yuki, who is suspected to be the mastermind behind the attacks and threats he has been receiving since late last year.

At the recent press conference for his new album The Song yesterday, Jam said that he hopes Yuki “will stop messing up everyone’s lives”, and that he would stop pursuing the matter, if she apologises.

Yuki held a press conference last morning, during which she was supposed to give her side of the story. But her father came in her place instead, and told reporters that his daughter has been under excessive stress. “I’m here to save my daughter,” he emphasised.

Regarding the attacks and threats on Jam, he explained that his daughter may or may not have done certain things, but stressed that she was not completely at fault.

Jam’s management had declined to comment on the matter as it is now in the hands of the law.

On the topic of Yuki’s press conference being held on the same day as his, Jam replied: “I feel that the timing is too coincidental, and regardless of whether it’s intentional or not, I will not let anyone affect my work schedule.”

“It’s been hard on Mr Kageyama (Yuki’s father), as he has to come all the way here,” he added. “Let’s hope that Ms Yuki can find her direction in life soon. I don’t want to say anything to hurt others, but my team and I are victims.”

Responding to Yuki’s hint that she had a one night stand with him, Jam said: “I hope Ms Yuki stops making up things that did not happen, and would never happen. Regardless of whether it’s because she has a rich imagination or just wants to hurt others deliberately, I hope that from now on, she can find her life goal and stop creating trouble for everyone.”

He also added that if she stops all her provocations and apologises, he would stop pursuing the matter.

Jam Hsiao

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