Jam Hsiao receives another threat

Jam Hsiao

Taiwanese Mandopop singer Jam Hsiao has been the target of disturbing attacks since last year, and recently confessed that these incidents have taken a toll on his mental health. But his nightmare has not ended.

Following the faeces attack last year and a recent threatening mail in which meal worms and paper money (for the deceased) were enclosed, he received another strange mail yesterday, which was suspected to contain paper money.

Taiwanese media company KKBOX received an anonymous package addressed to Jam, on which were the words: “I can sponsor the company NT10 million (approximately S$418,000), and we can discuss about a possible collaboration. I can be a shareholder, but please pass this letter to Jam Hsiao himself.”

KKBOX then delivered the package to Warner Music, his record label. Although the staff at Warner Music did not open the package, from a damaged corner, paper money could be seen.

Responding to media queries, a representative of Warner Music said that they have lodged a police report and the parcel is now with the police, who told reporters that from the initial stage of investigation, it appeared that the culprit behind this case may not be the same person who sent Jam the letter with the meal worms.

These incidents led many to speculate that someone may have placed a curse on him, but he remained firm and announced publicly that he is not afraid of evil, and he believes that the police will find the culprit soon.

Last July, a wealthy Japanese fan Yuki was said to have harassed Jam on multiple counts, such as bringing homemade soup for him in the middle of the night, which vexed him so much that he berated her on Facebook.

The following October, he had faeces and urine thrown into his car, which stirred up speculations that Yuki may be behind these attacks. She was even rumoured to be close friends with a mafia boss, who is suspected to have played a part in the attacks.

Jam Hsiao

Jam Hsiao

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