Jam Hsiao hires 10 bodyguards for self-protection

Jam Hsiao

Taiwanese Mandopop singer decided to take it upon himself, in the wake of recent threats, to protect his own safety.

At the wrap party of his movie The Mansion yesterday, alongside the other cast and crew members, Jam appeared with 10 bodyguards, adding a somber note to the otherwise casual setting.

The sudden additional of 10 bodyguards vexed the executive producer Qiu Likuan, who jokingly grumbled: “Now how are we to know who should settle the bill?” However, she admitted that she was disturbed by the threats, and that it is important to put safety first. She jokingly added that she is “thankful she has a ‘safe’ appearance”.

Jam’s infamous Japanese fan Yuki was suspected of being the mastermind behind the threats, but she denied the claims, and even told the media that she would make a police report on March 7. It was rumoured that she would also send a warning to the person who “slandered” her.

In response to this, Likuan initially retorted with “what do we care about this”, but shortly changed her statement to “that’s good,” and hoped that the culprit can be found soon.

Jam previously admitted that these incidents made him paranoid and anxious, and he even had to bring his dog along when he appeared for his show to calm his nerves.

Now, he appeared to have calmed down and confessed that he is no longer afraid. He then animatedly told reporters on his role in the movie, in which he stars as an otaku (a term used for people who enjoy staying at home instead of socialising) who develops a love triangle with the two female leads. He even joyfully admitted that he “enjoys the kissing scenes!”

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