Jacky Wu: Christine Fan is expecting?

Christine Fan

Taiwanese variety show host Jacky Wu announced in jest that Christine Fan’s husband, fellow artiste Blackie Chen, told him backstage that Christine is two days pregnant, and Jackie added that after three months, the good news can be made public.

His comment resulted in an outpour of congratulatory messages from fans, and when reporters pressed her about it yesterday at a German fashion boutique opening ceremony, she laughed and said: “What a joke! I also hope that he (Jacky) can say that more often, so that it can come true one day!”

It was Christine and Blackie’s third year wedding anniversary two days ago, and though Blackie expressed his happiness online, Christine had actually forgotten all about it. Embarrassed, she explained that as her husband’s birthday is on May 2, which is close to their wedding anniversary, there were simply too many anniversaries and occasions that it was inevitable that it slipped her mind. But she added that it doesn’t mean that she loves her husband any less.

When the conversation turned to her good friend Barbie Hsu and her recent childbirth, Christine said that she has already visited her and was full of envy for her adorable baby, and added that she will do her best in baby-making as well.

Christine also expressed her anticipation of good friend Aya’s baby next, and when asked about her opinion on freezing her eggs, which many female celebrities have opted to do, she said she does not rule out the possibility completely.

Christine Fan

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