Jackie Chan caught in scandal with Mizusawa Aki?

Jackie Chan

Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan has been plagued by relationship scandals throughout his many years in the industry, and it seems that Jackie has found himself embroiled in yet another scandal.

Recently, a photo of a person resembling Jackie embracing a nude woman in his underwear has been spreading like wildfire over the Internet. The man pictured bore strong resemblance to a younger Jackie, and the woman was thought to be Japanese actress Mizusawa Aki.

Netizens even claimed that the woman looked like Hong Kong actress Charlie Yeung, but it was later revealed that the faces had been superimposed onto the picture.

Regarding this issue, Charlie’s management agency replied yesterday: “This is a joke; it’s obvious that the editing work done on this picture is very haphazard. This whole incident is too funny; everyone should know that Jackie had just celebrated his 60th birthday. The ‘Jackie’ in the photo looks to be about 20 to 30 years old; at that time, Charlie couldn’t have been more than 10 years old.”

However, it’s also true that Aki had claimed to have had an affair with Jackie 30 years ago.

She revealed the details during her appearance on a variety program in December last year: “When I was younger, I was once sent to Paris as a correspondent for Fuji Television Network. They sent me to Spain to interview Jackie, who was filming a movie there. We dated after that, and I often flew to Spain to visit him, in order to [maintain] the relationship.”

Aki also praised Jackie for his sweet nature and beautiful muscles. She claimed to have met Jackie again in Japan many years ago, but her assertions were later brushed off as she was unable to provide photographic evidence.

However, the media confirmed that Jackie had indeed been in Spain in 1984 for the filming of Wheels on Meals, a martial arts comedy film directed by Sammo Hung. At that time, he was already married to Joan Lin, and Jaycee Chan was only one year old.

At press time, Jackie has yet to reply to the media’s requests for confirmation about this matter. His one-time lover, former Miss Asia Elaine Ng, refused to answer questions about the scandal, stating that it was none of her business.

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