Jackie Chan and Lin Feng-jiao devastated over Jaycee Chan’s arrest

Lin Feng-jiao, Jaycee Chan, Jackie Chan

Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang, who has known Jackie Chan for years, revealed that the latter and his wife Lin Feng-jiao have been crying after their son’s arrest for drug use as they miss him badly.

He also added at the recent Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am press conference in Dongguan, China that although Jackie had texted him, “Don’t worry, I will work hard like before,” Jackie and Feng-jiao are in fact devastated over Jaycee Chan’s predicament.

Jaycee, who admitted to taking drugs for eight years, has been arrested for 19 days. It is believed that he is still not allowed to see anyone except his lawyer, who visited him thrice.

His lawyer had previously shared that the 31-year-old is beginning to adapt to life in the detention centre and occasionally asks after his parents and Kai Ko, who was arrested together with him and released last Friday.

Speaking of Kai, Eric encourages everyone to give the 23-year-old a chance as “Kai is still a kid”.

The two have collaborated in movie Monster Hunt this year and Eric speculated Kai “had made the wrong move because he fell out of love. It is good that a scandal like this happened when they are young. The earlier it happens, the further they can go in future. This also serves as a warning to those in showbiz that a mistake not only affects your future, but your endorsements, family and fans too.”

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