Is Zhou Xun’s boyfriend two-timing her?

Zhou Xun, Archie Kao

Shortly after Chinese actress Zhou Xun expressed her desire to marry her American actor boyfriend Archie Kao this year, photos of him and another woman were posted online, sparking rumours that he is two-timing her.

After 39-year-old Zhou Xun went public about her relationship with Archie, 44, last Thursday, the couple has been constantly in the media spotlight. She even said that “if I don’t announce it will be exposed soon,” causing some netizens to speculate that the actress may be pregnant.

Although the relationship appeared to be going well initially, a netizen named Summer dropped a bomb recently by posting intimate photos of herself with Archie on Weibo. In the pictures, Archie was seen holding her waist and hugging her.

Summer then commented: “If you loved Zhou Xun, why did you come after me? Fine, you have my blessings!” From her tone, she sounded rather angry and did not seem to mean what she said.

From her profile, Summer is 23, and is a golfer. Her facial features bear an uncanny resemblance to Zhou Xun, though not as refined as the actress.

Although some netizens accused Archie of being a two-timer, some said that as Summer is participating in the beauty pageant Miss Golfer China, and online voting is currently open, this news may be a deliberate attempt to gain attention.

“It’s obvious that she just wants to become popular!” some netizens said.

Zhou Xun, Archie Kao

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