Is Zhou Xun preparing for marriage?

Zhou Xun

After Chinese actress Zhou Xun went public about her relationship with American actor Archie Kao yesterday, the couple was spotted at the Beijing airport and subsequently returning to the same villa, accompanied by her manager.

When the 39-year-old actress introduced her boyfriend on Weibo by posting up his photo, she also revealed more information about him – his English name Archie, his occupation as an American actor, and that he has been filming for Hollywood movies, drama series and commercials for nearly 20 years. He has also starred in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, and has been named by People Magazine as the ‘sexiest man’.

Netizens then raved that they have seen the couple at a French steamboat restaurant, where they were seen behaving intimately.

A source revealed that Zhou Xun is so open about her relationship now as the couple are thinking of settling down. “They met in Hong Kong, and have been dating for over a year. Zhou Xun has flown to New York to see him numerous times, and her boyfriend has also been to China to meet her. They are now preparing to talk about marriage,” the source said.

When reporters approached Zhou Xun’s management about this, a representative replied: “Apologies, but I can only say that are both unmarried at the moment, but they are very close. We aren’t very sure about other things – Zhou Xun has a lot of filming to do – for movies, TV dramas and commercials, not to mention public events to attend.”

Zhou Xun

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