Is Tsui Hark cheating on his wife?

Tsui Hark

Veteran Hong Kong actor Tsui Hark was recently seen on a date with a 30-year-old woman in Taiwan, sparking rumours that his marriage with Namsun Shi, a Hong Kong producer, is on the rocks.

Word has spread some time ago that the couple was on the verge of divorce, 18 years after they married. Tsui Hark once said: “We’re not getting a divorce, but we’ve reached a consensus that we’ll focus on work instead, and we’ll be good working partners.”

But this time, Tsui Hark was spotted going to the cinemas with his newfound love, and the pair was behaving intimately like a couple newly in love.

The woman held on to Tsui Hark’s hand and was seen linking arms with him even when they were watching the movie.

An insider revealed that before the director started filming for 2011 movie Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, he had invited the woman to be his personal assistant, and their relationship was said to have developed from then.

They have even been seen holding hands and behaving intimately on countless occasions.

When contacted by the media, a production assistant answered on behalf of Tsui Hark, who replied that the director is busy with work in Taiwan and could not comment for now.

Tsui Hark

Tsui Hark with his wife, Namsun Shi

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