Is Takeshi Kaneshiro old?

Takeshi Kaneshiro

Japanese-Taiwanese heartthrob Takeshi Kaneshiro has hit the 4-0-mark, but is he considered to be aging?

At the press conference for upcoming movie The Crossing (directed by Hong Kong filmmaker John Woo) yesterday, Takeshi turned up with his co-stars Huang Xiaoming, Song Hye Kyo, Masami Nagasawa and other actors.

40-year-old Takeshi was paired up with Masami Nagasawa, 26, for the first time onscreen, and when asked about working with him, the Japanese actress unintentionally hinted that her co-star is rather old. “Takeshi is very well-known in Japan,” she said. “I’ve admired him since I was young.”

Following suit, the other actors started to speak up about Takeshi, with whom they are on good terms.

Chinese actor Wang Qianyuan chipped in: “I’m a John Woo fan, but I’ve grown up watching Takeshi’s movies.”

Popular Korean actress Song Hye Kyo added: “I’m very happy to be able to work with so many outstanding actors, and though I’m not Takeshi’s partner in the film, I’ve watched his shows since young too!”

These comments drew much laughter from the crowd, while Takeshi appeared both exasperated and amused at the same time.

In the three-minute trailer played on the screen, Takeshi has the most screen time – he appeared tanned and energetic, and John even told reporters: “This is Takeshi’s best work ever since he stepped into the film industry.”

Takeshi revealed that this movie required him to speak in Mandarin, Taiwanese dialect, and Japanese onscreen. “It’s quite special using Taiwanese dialect to act, to bring out the feel of that era. It’s very different from now. Although I don’t speak it well, I feel that it’s quite a privilege,” he admitted.

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