Is Pauline Lan seeing a younger man?

Pauline Lan

Taiwanese host Pauline Lan has been romantically linked to yet another younger man, after the latter was spotted freely entering her home and even staying for two nights.

The veteran artiste had earlier been romantically linked to 2moro’s Anthony Guo and actor Blue Lan, who are both more than ten years younger than her.

In early July, the 48-year-old was spotted returning home with a 30-year-old man after a gathering with her friends. The younger man was extremely attentive towards Pauline, helping her onto the backseat before he settled down on the passenger seat. They headed straight for Pauline’s home, and did not reappear for the rest of the night.

The duo were only spotted after 15 hours, when they went for a meal at Hsinchu. They behaved very comfortably with each other during the “date”, and returned to Pauline’s home at around 6p.m. in the evening. Although the man left twice after that, he eventually still returned to the house.

According to reports, Pauline’s supposed new beau is “Tim”, a businessman who indulges in music in his free time. He is well acquainted with many artistes in Pauline’s circle of friends, and often writes posts regarding Pauline on his social media, such as sharing his thoughts on her concert DVD and the food at her restaurant.

Yesterday, Pauline’s manager responded to the rumours, denying their authenticity. She claimed that Tim is one of the star’s god sons, and had been at her house along with many others to watch the World Cup.

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