Is Leon Jay Williams going to be a dad?

Leon Jay Williams

Singaporean singer-actor Leon Jay Williams previously said he is “not ready to settle down,” despite having dated his girlfriend, Joyce for nine years. However, rumours have been circulating recently, stating that Joyce is already three months pregnant and the couple may have plans to tie the knot.

Leon had previously been spotted taking Joyce on a pre-honeymoon trip to the Maldives in June last year and self-proclaimed that he “loves kids” and is envious of friends who have become parents, adding credibility to the speculations.

The 38-year-old immediately refuted the rumours through his manager, and stressed that he has not registered for marriage with Joyce.

When asked for the reason behind his no-marriage stand, he replied, “Many people divorce even after they get married.”

Leon admitted that due to his busy schedule, he and his girlfriend do not meet up very often. Hence, they treasure every moment together even more, and this has become their secret to keeping their nine-year relationship in its honeymoon stage.

According to Taiwanese media reports, Leon has been trying very hard to enter the Chinese market in recent years, and now has a monthly income of more than NT$1 billion (approximately S$4.1 million). Last year, he spent a hefty sum of NT$30 million (approximately S$1.23 million) to buy a love nest in Singapore, increasing the number of local properties under his name to four.

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