Is Ken Zhu quitting entertainment?

Ken Zhu

At a recent Tokyo fanmeet, former F4 member Ken Zhu left legions of fans in shock after revealing that he will be dissolving his fanclub of eight years.

The 35-year-old Meteor Garden actor, who had been on a two-year hiatus, announced through tears that “he will be entering the next stage of his life” . Several of the 2000 fans at the event were visibly heartbroken, while others looked on in disbelief as Ken ended the event by reading a handwritten farewell letter to his supporters.

Ken’s manager, Summer, later explained that in between studying at the Beijing Film Academy Department of Directing and managing his jade business, Ken hardly has time to manage his fanclub, and therefore hopes that his fans will not continue spending money on him.

Summer also dismissed subsequent rumours of Ken quitting the entertainment industry, saying, “He has been rejecting job invites from last October till now and is focused on studies as well as his business. He will be back after that.”

Both Ken and his company have not discussed his marriage plans, although Summer has stated he is currently seeing someone, and that the company will support him if he gets engaged.

Ken Zhu

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