Is Kai Ko dating Tia Li after breakup with Elva?

Kai Ko, Tia Li

After his recent split from Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao, actor-singer Kai Ko has made it clear that he “will continue meeting new people”. While Elva has been rumoured to be seeing Vanness Wu’s younger brother-in-law Elroy Cheo, Kai also kept to his word as paparazzi spotted him on three midnight dates with Dream Girls member Tia Li over the past week.

It was said that the 22-year-old drove to the carpark of an unknown apartment in the wee hours last Monday to fetch an anonymous lady with long hair. It turned out to be Tia who had just ended work. Kai sped off, successfully losing the paparazzi and Tia returned alone in a taxi at 4 in the morning.

Three days later before dawn, the rumoured girlfriend of Show Luo for five years drove towards Show’s favourite fitness centre after randomly driving around for more than an hour. Tia was cautiously looking out for reporters when Kai came and picked her up in his car. However, their date was foiled by the paparazzo who was hot on their tails.

Their third meeting last Saturday was carried out under the disguise of a group outing to the KTV lounge, which lasted till 3 in the morning. Tia was seen covering her face and leaving hurriedly, while Kai walked out carried actress-model Beatrice Fang’s handbag.

Although they barely interacted, Tia wrote on her Weibo that day: “I don’t know when this will be, but when we next meet, we shall not part.”

The next day, Kai replied to her post: “For you! I want to be the most courageous!”, seemingly indicative of their blossoming love.

The speedy development of their relationship has surprised many, but Kai clarified matters through his manager that he just hopes to make more friends. Tia’s manager Amanda also maintained that the two were just good friends. As to whether there is a chance to take things further, she simply smiled in response.

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