Is Harlem Yu going out with a 22-year-old singer?

Harlem Yu, Momo Wu

Amidst the buzz of Taiwanese singer Annie Yi’s relationship with an actor 10 years her junior, word spread that her ex-husband, Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu, is also following suit. He is said to be dating 22-year-old Chinese singer Momo Wu, who is 30 years younger than him.

Momo rose to fame after participating in the first season of The Voice of China competition in 2012, in which she emerged as the runner-up.

Impressed by her non-mainstream music style, Harlem – who was one of the four judges at the competition – decided to mentor her, and the pair even filmed a music video together. Rumours about their relationship then began to spread.

Although Momo transformed from an ordinary undergraduate to a celebrity overnight, her alternative style and voice has raised many eyebrows. But Harlem supported her, even publicly declaring: “Momo is my most satisfied piece of work.”

A few days ago, Momo posted up a scenery photo and announced on Weibo: “From today onwards, we will work hand in hand, walk to every corner on earth and discover all its beauty.”

Some sharp-eyed netizens noticed that the place in the photo is Danshui Fisherman’s Wharf in Taiwan, which brought Taiwanese singer Harlem to mind. “So is it Harlem Yu?” they commented.

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