Is Gigi Leung pregnant?

Sergio, Gigi Leung

According to Hong Kong media reports, 38-year-old Gigi Leung is finally going to be a mother after she tied the knot with Spanish husband Sergio in 2011. The couple adore kids and have been trying for a child since they got married, but to no avail.

After Gigi was diagnosed with shoulder periathritis months ago, plans for a baby had to be halted. However, it was when Sergio suggested a relaxing vacation to the United States in end-May that she got pregnant.

The singer attended fellow musician Eric Kwok’s concerts as a guest star for three times in a row, and felt a discomfort in her abdomen afterwards. Thinking it was due to a bout of food poisoning, Gigi reportedly visited the doctor who then broke the good news to her.

However, the news remains unverified as Gigi replied to congratulatory messages saying she has “no good news to share for now.” It is believed that the couple, though overjoyed, decided to keep it a secret for the first three months due to Chinese traditions.

Reporters who waited at their apartment in Hong Kong tried to congratulate Sergio on Gigi’s pregnancy, but the father-to-be declined to respond to these queries.

In addition to these rumours, Gigi has turned down an event appearance next month, which she had originally planned to attend, to care for her pregnancy. However, her manager clarified that she still has several jobs on hand and had to reject the event due to family affairs. There was strictly no mention of Gigi’s pregnancy.

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