Is Fish Leong expecting twins?

Fish Leong, Angelica Lee

Malaysian-Chinese actress Angelica Lee posted up a photo she took with Mandopop singer Fish Leong yesterday.

“Visiting the beautiful Mum-to-be, and had a lovely afternoon!” wrote Angelica, when she shared the picture which showed a heavily pregnant Fish with a huge swelling tummy.

Fish replied to her post and said: “A happy expectant Mum needs sisterly company the most! Love you lots!”

Netizens have started speculating that Fish may be expecting twins from the size of her belly, and some said: “Such a huge belly! It’s a sign that it’s twins!”

35-year-old Fish married Tony Zhao, 38, in 2010. Since last October, she has been reducing her workload in the hope of having a baby. When she finally conceived, she stopped work altogether and returned to Malaysia, where her mother could take care of her.

A friend even revealed earlier that she is expecting a boy, and it is a known myth that women who are pregnant with boys lose their good looks easily, but her friend complimented her instead: “How come you are still beautiful?”

Fish Leong

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