Is Cecilia Cheung seeing someone new?

Cecilia Cheung

It appears that Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung is not affected by her ex-husband, Nicholas Tse’s reconciliation with his old flame Faye Wong at all. She was returning to Hong Kong from Japan where members of the media swarmed forward for questions.

Although Cecilia had earphones on and did not respond, she remained upbeat and radiant. A diamond ring was also spotted on the 34-year-old’s ring finger, leading to rumours that she is seeing someone new – speculated to be Chinese novelist Zhang Yiyi.

The two had toured Europe together previously.

Yiyi, the vice-president of The World Zhang Clan, had written Cecilia a romance novel, aided her in her comeback activities and even recommended her to be the image ambassador for all 90 million people worldwide with the surname ‘Zhang’.

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Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia Cheung

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