Huang Yi’s husband reveals CCTV footage

Huang Yi

After Chinese actress Huang Yi (also known as Crystal Huang) revealed evidence of her husband, business man Huang Yiqing’s acts of domestic violence, the latter has retaliated by releasing footage from a CCTV installed in their home.

Recently, the 34-year-old actress was spotted at a secret meeting with coal tycoon He Rong, and was blasted for having an affair by both Yiqing and her ex-husband, Jiang Kai.

Huang Yi announced her plans for a divorce on Monday, posting pictures of the injuries that she had allegedly sustained from her husband’s violence. She also uploaded pictures of her injury diagnosis certificates and an apology letter, which she claimed had been written by Yiqing.

In response to Huang Yi’s claims that she had been hit by him for at least three times, Yiqing declared that he would release other evidence to proclaim his innocence. On Tuesday morning, he uploaded footage from the CCTV he had installed at home: “[I] originally [installed this] so that I could check on the kid’s movements while [I’m] outside, [but] divine justice exists! Otherwise, I would never be able to clear myself of the wrongful accusation that I lay hands on women.”

In one of the clips, Huang Yi is seen repeatedly shouting into the phone: “Hurry and call the reporters, he hit [me]!”

Yiqing did not hurt her, and merely asked furiously, “[When] have I hit you? [When] have I hit you?”

However, the clips were not complete; leading some netizens to speculate that there is more than meets the eye: “Your words can’t prove anything, since you knew that there was a CCTV in the house. [We’ll] have to see what happened before to determine whether [you] hit [her].”

Additionally, Yiqing also mocked Huang Yi’s photo of her dented forehead, claiming that she had created the wound with her fingers after having a Hyaluronan (an acid used to fill soft tissue defects) injection.

The actress’s friend retorted, “Huang Yi was hit on May 13 [and] went for a checkup the day after. At that time, she was still breastfeeding, and did not leave home because [she] had gained weight; why would she have Hyaluronan injections? Who would [she] do it for?”

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