Huang Yi suffered from domestic abuse?

Huang Yi

Chinese actress Huang Yi’s divorce saga with her businessman husband, Huang Yiqing, is blowing up to greater proportions as both parties fired out a series of accusations.

After Huang Yi, 34, was spotted on a meeting with coal tycoon, He Rong, at a hotel recently, Yiqing angrily told her off on Weibo, saying “Heaven will punish you”.

The actress’ ex-husband, Jiang Kai, also spoke up, claiming that “lewd people can’t stop cheating”.

In retaliation, Huang Yi released a lawyer’s letter yesterday, claiming that she was a victim of domestic violence.

At 6pm yesterday, Huang Yi’s management agency released injury diagnosis certificates and pictures of her injuries, which were allegedly a result of Yiqing’s domestic violence. They also revealed an apology letter that was supposedly written by the latter, and claimed that Huang Yi had suffered through no less than three bouts of violence by her husband.

The 34-year-old’s close friend revealed: “They (Huang Yi and Yiqing) have been distant since late last year, [and] often fought over little things. Later on, her husband even hit [her]. Unable to take it anymore, Huang Yi once called the police, but her husband locked her in the bedroom when he saw the police arriving, and her mother-in-law told them ‘[It’s a] lover’s fight, it’s okay now, you can go’ before letting Huang Yi out.”

She added that the actress often called her to cry out her woes: “Huang Yi said that her husband had taken all the valuables in the safe, and forbid her from seeing their daughter after they started to live apart. He even kept their daughter’s passport to prevent Huang Yi from taking her away. For her daughter’s sake, [Huang Yi] is holding on to hopes of salvaging her relationship with her husband, but ended up being slandered by him instead. [That’s why] she managed to harden her heart and call for a divorce.”

Huang Yi hopes to come to a divorce settlement with Yiqing in five days. If not, she would be bringing the case to court, and fighting for her daughter’s custody. The couples’ assets will be separated after the divorce, with both their incomes belonging solely to themselves.

As for the accusations that she had a tryst with He Rong, Huang Yi clarified that she was merely discussing a movie collaboration with the latter, and accused Yiqing of having a messy personal lifestyle instead – not only had he cheated on her numerous times, he also has many bad habits, and she has already passed the relevant evidence to her lawyer.

In response, Yiqing posted on his Weibo last night: “Looks like you’re forcing me to reveal all the evidence, prepare yourself!”

He also denied that he had hit Huang Yi: “[I] have never laid a hand on a female in this life, including my daughter. [I committed] domestic violence by hitting your forehead – do you think this is the World Cup? [You] even fabricated an affidavit; do you dare to send it for handwriting tests?”

Huang Yi

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