Huang Xiaoming will marry Angelababy this year

Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy

“I think it’s time this year,” said Huang Xiaoming, when asked if he’d propose to his girlfriend of four years, Angelababy, and tie the knot this year.

The Chinese actor’s response, at the promotional tour of his new movie The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom, confirmed rumours on their impending marriage, since the couple went public with their relationship this year.

“It all depends on fate,” he said, of his marriage plans. “Stuff like these come to you suddenly. Before today, I have never given much thought to getting married and forming a family…”

Xiaoming declined to reveal an actual date, and insists that “tying the knot is all about the feeling. When it’s time, I will get married.”

He also calls himself a classic Scorpio who is willing to sacrifice and give in for love. Adding that he is “accommodating” towards Angelababy and would spoil her even if she is in the wrong.

Xiaoming quipped, “When I’m not familiar with you, I won’t let you know even if I have feelings for you. But I will do many things for you to show how I feel.”

After his very public gesture to Angelababy on her birthday, the duo can be spotted out and about together now – even on each other’s family vacations.

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