Hsu Hsiao-shun’s son injures hand in betel nut machine

Hsu Hsiao Shun

Veteran Taiwanese host Hsu Hsiao-shun recently suffered a scare, when his two-year-old son, Hsu Gan Dan’s right hand was caught in a betel nut cutting machine at his in-laws’ place.

Fortunately, Hsiao-shun’s mother-in-law immediately pulled out the electric plug after hearing the boy’s cries, which saved him from severe injuries. The ambulance swiftly arrived at the scene to provide medical assistance.

According to media reports, Gan Dan’s injuries were mostly abrasions and he was allowed to return to his Taipei home after one week.

Blaming himself for the mishap, Hsiao-shun felt guilty that “the child had to suffer at the expense of the adults’ negligence.”

“Frightening images of kids getting caught in machines, which you see in the news, filled my mind at that point in time,” said Hsiao-shun, who is expecting a second child with his wife Chen Yu.

Hsiao-shun and Chen Yu, who is 24 years his junior, tied the knot in 2011. She is currently three months pregnant.

Hsu Hsiao Shun

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