Hsiao Shu Shen attempts suicide?

Hsiao Shu Shen, Liliy Hsiao

Rumour has it that Taiwanese singer-actress Hsiao Shu Shen (also known as Liliy Hsiao) tried to kill herself by jumping out of the window of her 7th-storey home.

Shu Shen, 37, has had a turbulent career in the entertainment industry. 15 years ago, she shot to fame after wowing the audience in Malaysian singer Fish Leong’s music video for ‘Courage’, and signed a contract with Rock Records.

Although it seemed as if her future was brighter than any other, her career hit rock bottom when she was found to be abusing drugs, and she has not been in the limelight for more than seven years.

Last month, the artiste released her first EP, Queen. During the promotion period, she shockingly revealed that she had once suffered from schizophrenia, and was diagnosed with “550 personalities”. Thankfully, her condition was stabilised with medication.

However, speculation that she had reverted to her old ways arose when she did not turn up for her fan sign in Taipei on June 29. Recent rumours claim that the day before, she had sat on the window sill of her 7th-storey home, contemplating suicide.

It is said that the dismal reaction to her comeback was the reason why she wanted to end her life. She was purportedly displeased with her company, which made her pursue a musical career even though her talents lie with acting. She was also stressed out by netizens’ discussion and critique of her performances.

In response to her suicide attempt, Shu Shen’s agency, Asia Entertainment Group Limited (AEG), has cancelled a variety show recording which she was supposed to attend yesterday afternoon. A total of 20 jobs have been cancelled, including television shows, fan meets and interviews.

Yu Yuxing, the CEO of AEG, admitted that Shu Shen was much stressed over the negative feedback that she received: “It is not suitable for her to meet the media now. [We’ll] put a temporary stop to her work so that she may rest well.”

As for the claims that she was not pleased with the work that AEG had assigned to her, Yuxing clarified: “We have already scheduled two movies for her later this year, and [she will be] the female lead in both. [She’ll] even get to work with Cecilia Cheung in one of them.”

According to reports, Shu Shen’s family tended to her yesterday, and she has yet to step one foot out of the house. Her father, who was previously working in Shenzhen, has also returned to Taiwan to take care of his daughter.

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