HK actor Cheung Tat-ming looking to invest in more properties

Cheung Tat-ming

Diagnosed with stage III nasopharyngeal cancer three years ago, Hong Kong actor Cheung Tat-ming stopped all work activities and is now recovering well following chemotherapy treatment. The 50-year-old, who is an avid real estate investor, was recently spotted making house hunting with his family.

According to media reports, Tat-ming’s investments had saved him from financial woes despite his heavy medical bills. As his condition gradually improves, the Justice Sung star is reportedly planning to invest in a new property specially for his two children. 

Currently residing at the luxurious Ho Man Tin neighbourhood, Tat-ming was recently seen dropping by a real estate agency. Three days later, the actor brought his wife and kids to check out a lavish apartment located at Waterloo Road Hill.

When asked if he intends to purchase the unit, Tat-ming let on that he is indeed considering it. “Real estate is the best long-term investment, so I pay a lot of attention to it. House-viewing is one of my hobbies,” he said.

In addition, the veteran artiste also shared that he sold his bungalow in Clear Water Bay because of the poor weather condition in Sai Kung.

Despite his skinny frame, Tat-ming assured that he is recuperating well. To prevent himself from tiring out, the actor will only take on less taxing work assignments at the moment.

Cheung Tat-ming

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