Has Michelle Chen fallen for Vivian Hsu’s ex?

Michelle Chen

Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen, who turns 31 tomorrow, recently celebrated her birthday with good friends such as singer Wilber Pan, and actress Yang Xin and her husband.

In a group photo from the celebration, a very happy-looking Michelle is seen holding her birthday cake and standing next to Taiwanese singer Vivian Hsu’s former rumoured boyfriend, Leo Ho, the son of the CEO of a textile company Kwong Fong Industries Corporation.

A source revealed that Michelle and Leo have known each other for years, and the pair has been romantically-linked in the past, though both have denied it and continued to meet regularly at gatherings.

Meanwhile, Michelle recently designed a pair of couple mugs, and on the girl’s mug, it was written ‘Love me when we are together’, causing netizens to speculate that she may be in love.

A good friend of Michelle’s said that the actress hopes to marry at 33, and if rumours are true, we won’t have to wait very long to hear wedding bells.

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