Harlem Yu undergoes heart surgery

Harlem Yu, Annie Yi

On Monday, Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu was reportedly hospitalised “for a normal check-up” due to heart discomfort but in fact, he underwent a heart surgery the next day (Tuesday). He thought little of the problem, which arose half a year ago, until he experienced serious chest discomfort and irregular pulse rates on Monday.

Harlem’s sister and brother-in-law stood vigil outside the operating theatre for four hours before the surgery ended.

It is believed that Harlem, who will be holding his concert in Singapore on October 3, was first under observation in the Intensive Care Unit before being transferred to a normal ward after his condition stabilised.

The doctor confirmed the singer had irregular heartbeat due to atrial fibrillation where the electrical signals of a heartbeat travel in a disorganised manner.

Although the 53-year-old exercises frequently, the irregular heartbeat could be caused by stress from work and a worsening of his already-present condition. It is said that Harlem can be discharged after a month of recuperation but he will require follow-up appointments.

His manager thanked the public for their concern.

In other related news, Harlem’s ex-wife Annie Yi, who will wed Chinese actor Qin Hao next February, posted four updates on Weibo within two hours on Tuesday.

She first revealed she was anaemic and will reduce her workload in December to rest, and then posted a screenshot of her conversation with Harlem where she wished him “all the best for the operation”.

After some time, Annie posted: “Is it [feelings] untrue if a woman spent 22 years of her youth (on a relationship)? Two people, who are not fated to be together, are working hard to be friends for the sake of their children. But why are strangers, who know nothing, hoping that they hate each other?”

The 45-year-old, who split with Harlem in 2009 after nine years of marriage, seemingly indicated he has found a new partner: “Both of us have partners whom we care about and are living positively. Why is everyone linking two people who have been good friends for six years (after the divorce) together?”

But Annie deleted all posts related to Harlem at 6.30 p.m. and left the public bewildered.

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