Harlem Yu hospitalised due to chest discomfort

Harlem Yu

Singer-host Harlem Yu was reportedly admitted to the hospital in Taipei on Monday after complaining of chest discomfort.

The 53-year-old has sensed something wrong with his heart for half a year but thought little of it since the symptoms were mild and he had no family members with such conditions. It was only until Harlem experienced chest discomfort and irregular pulse rates that he took his condition more seriously.

The singer, who will be holding his concert in Singapore on October 3, had tight security over his ward and medical personnel were tight-lipped over his condition. Veteran hostess Zhang Xiao Yan even made a special trip to visit Harlem, leading to rumours that he may be seriously ill.

However, Harlem’s manager clarified, “It was just a normal check-up. If the results are all right, he can be discharged after two days. If any problems arise thereafter, scans will be conducted to find out the cause of the problem.”

As for Xiao Yan’s visit, his manager said, “She has always treated Harlem like a younger brother, that’s why she was so concerned.”

Harlem had previously revealed that he exercises during his free time to keep healthy and even incorporated the triathlon components into his concert in Taipei two months ago where he cycled, ran and sang at the same time.

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Harlem Yu

The hospital Harlem is admitted to

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