Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi debunk rumours of a bad relationship

Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi

Chinese actresses Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li recently debunked rumours of their less than rosy relationship when they attended a fashion show together, holding hands in a friendly manner.

The two generations of “Mou’s Girls” have always been seen as fierce competitors. When she first debuted, Ziyi was even dubbed as the “Little Gong Li”, and they have hardly ever been seen together since they collaborated in movie Memoirs of a Geisha.

On Monday, Gong Li, 48, and Ziyi, 35, appeared together at the Palace Square in Monaco for a fashion show. Gong Li was dressed casually in a black blazer with shorts, while Ziyi adorned a high-waisted skirt with a fashionable jacket.

The two stars hugged each other freely in front of the media, putting their arms around the other’s waist at numerous occasions, hinting that their relationship may not be as bad as the public thinks it is.

Also, Gong Li and Ziyi both attended the Cannes Film Festival recently. Both were in France to promote their new films, Gong Li’s Coming Home and Ziyi’s The Crossing. After the event, Ziyi praised Gong Li online for presenting a performance that is “just as amazing as ever” in Coming Home.

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Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi

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