Gong Li admits she’s in a relationship

Gong Li

Chinese actress Gong Li recently announced that she is in a relationship, a departure from her usually-private nature.

She recently appeared at the press conference for the movie Coming Home, directed by Zhang Yimou, in Hong Kong, and in the film, she stars as a woman who suffers from amnesia but persists in waiting for her husband to return home.

When asked if she is waiting for her love in reality as well, she said: “This is based on fate, it’s different from reel life! I believe in fate, because when it comes, it comes. You can’t choose.”

She added that if she has a love that runs as deep as that portrayed in the film, she would persist in waiting for it too.

And to everyone’s surprise, Gong Li went on to announce that met that special someone. “Actually I’ve already found him, he’s not in showbiz, and we’ve been dating for a long time,” she revealed. It was then understood that the man in question is most likely French photographer who is only known by the name Chang. They have been rumoured to be dating for eight years.

So will she be tying the knot?

“I will marry,” she confessed. “But I’m not sure when – there’s no fixed time. Just let nature take its course! I’m not affected by my previous marriage, and I still look forward to getting married.”

Gong Li and her former Singaporean husband, tobacco tycoon Ooi Hoe Seong divorced in 2009, after 13 years of marriage. Then, she explained that she frequently travelled for her career, which she loves, and it was difficult for a man to accept a wife who was hardly at home.

Despite this, she has full confidence in marriage. “Everyone needs a partner to journey with for the rest of their lives,” she explained. “It’s good to have someone to care for you and whom you care for too. It makes life more meaningful.”

Gong Li

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