Giddens Ko gives Kai Ko a “wake up punch”

Giddens Ko, Kai Ko

Giddens Ko, writer-director of popular Taiwanese film You Are the Apple of My Eye which propelled Kai Ko to fame, reportedly met up with the latter for a three-hour long conversation on Wednesday.

After news of Kai’s marijuana abuse broke, Giddens was so disappointed in the actor that he took to Facebook to express his frustration. He wrote: “Besides throwing a punch on his face, I have nothing more to say to Kai Ko.”

On Wednesday night, Giddens posted another entry on Facebook which read: “I threw that punch tonight, and my tears flowed too. Whether this would mark a rebirth, depends on more sincerity, more hard work and more maturity [from Kai Ko], something which I failed to learn earlier too.”

Hoping that Kai would turn over a new leaf and start anew, Giddens reportedly gave the actor a handwritten note of encouragement when he returned to Taiwan last Friday, following Kai’s two-week detention in Beijing.

“We haven’t met for so long. After such a big incident happened, I have many things to tell him and I want to hear him out. I just wish for him to be a good kid,” the director said.

According to Taiwanese media, Kai currently has no work commitments and only shuttles between the company and his home. The 23-year-old was also found to have re-followed his ex-girlfriend Elva Hsiao on Instagram yesterday.

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