Gary Chaw’s daughter to leave season two of Dad, Where Are We Going?

Gary Chaw, Grace, Joe

Malaysian singer Gary Chaw and his two children Joe, 6, and Grace, 3, have joined the second season of China version reality show Dad, Where Are You Going? early this year. But his younger child will now be leaving the show as she bade farewell to co-stars and viewers in the preview of the next episode.

Grace was seen crying and saying goodbye to the other children, “Bye, I have to go.”

Hong Kong actor Francis Ng, one of the fathers on the show, hugged and consoled her, “Grace is my goddess.”

Gary’s management explained, “Gary respects his daughter’s decision and will not force her to do anything against her will.”

The production unit shared, “Grace will leave the show and will not participate in the last stop of Dad, Where Are We Going?

In addition, the host of the show, Li Rui, published a book which included conflicts of the show. A portion mentioned how Francis got angered by Gary during their first meeting when the latter told him, “I grew up watching your movies,” and elaborated, “Including the ones with explicit content.”

When this was made public, Francis expressed regret over participating in the show as “he thought he only had to bring his child to the zoo. Now he has become a gorilla (laughing stock).”

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Gary Chaw, Grace

Francis Ng, Feynman Ng

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