Gaile Lok rumoured to wed Caucasian boyfriend

Gaile Lok

Two years after her highly publicised split from Heavenly King Leon Lai, Gaile Lok is reportedly about to give it her second shot at marriage. After her divorce, the actress has been living in Bali with her beau Cuz, a water-skiing coach who hails from New Zealand.

Leon and Gaile’s 14-year age gap allegedly led to a communication problem between the two; on top of that, he preferred a quiet lifestyle growing up in Beijing whereas she enjoyed the nightlife and making new friends as she hailed from the US. Her fashion-forward dressing and love for tattoos was shut down by Leon’s preference for demure girls, eventually leading Gaile to remove her tattoos via laser treatments.

Turning her back on the entertainment industry, the 33-year-old is said to have slowed things down in her life and has been focusing on jewelry design instead. To commemorate her budding relationship, Gaile is said to have found a tattoo artist she is familiar with to ink a flying fish on a part of her body that only her boyfriend can lay eyes on.

Having moved away from media scrutiny, Gaile is said to have lost her milky-white skin and is also packing on the pounds. She commented, “(My) body type is originally sporty with some muscle; I wear XS in the US.”

Gaile is said to have recently acquired a private beach and vacation home in Bali and will settle down once her business stablises.

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