Gaile Lok launches her own jewellery line

Gaile Lok

After her high profile divorce with Leon Lai, Hong Kong actress Gaile Lok is said to have found a new love, a Caucasian named Denimcuz, whom she is currently cohabiting with in Bali.

She also got to know several designers in Bali, and even collaborated with a renowned sunglasses designer to launch her own jewellery brand.

After preparing for half a year, she finally launched her first collection.

When queried by reporters why she did not want to model for her own jewellery line and found another model instead, she said: “I’m the designer – I don’t want people to be confused, so I decided to just do all the backend work.”

She admitted that this is her first time designing, and she was involved in every step of the process, from designing to manufacturing. “I learnt a lot!” she said.

Gaile added that she did not spend a lot on the project. “This is just a small business, and I only have one or two pieces for each design, so I only invested a little!”

To provide a one-stop service, she even registered a website to sell her products online, and revealed that her second collection will be launched in September.

Gaile Lok

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