G.E.M Tang rumoured to be third party in Zhang Jie’s marriage

G.E.M Tang, Zhang Jie

After her nasty breakup with Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin in February, Hong Kong singer-songwriter G.E.M Tang has been embroiled in another scandal. Yesterday, she found herself in hot soup once again, when rumours spread that she is the third party in Chinese singer-actor Zhang Jie and host Xie Na’s marriage.

Adding on to these rumours are speculations that said she was co-habiting with Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun, although it was eventually proven to be false. Now, rumour has it that Zhang Jie and Xie Na have gotten a secret divorce in June, and G.E.M, who is said to be Zhang Jie’s mistress, will be marrying him in November.

The two had met in the second season of Chinese variety show I Am A Singer, and were linked together repeatedly after that. Xie Na was reportedly unhappy about the close relationship between G.E.M and Zhang Jie, and requested for Hunan TV to ban G.E.M from their programmes, stopping her from becoming a mentor in another show.

In response, Xie Na had once posted on Weibo to cheer G.E.M on, using her actions to dispel rumours of a bad relationship.

However, a netizen revealed yesterday: “In late June, Xie Na and Zhang Jie had already filed for divorce; Zhang Jie will be marrying G.E.M in November.”

Said netizen even explained the three reasons why Zhang Jie and Xie Na ended up separating, saying that G.E.M’s intrusion was only one of the factors. Xie Na’s strong personality also irked her husband, and her inability to bear a child despite their three-year marriage worsened the couple’s relationship.

Most netizens expressed their disbelief towards the rumours, and some claim it to be G.E.M’s ploy to get attention, chiding her for being “the most knowledgeable woman on how to create hype; from Yoga Lin, Kim Soo Hyun, and now Zhang Jie”.

G.E.M responded through her manager: “Don’t believe the nonsense that those people say. I don’t pay attention to this type of news because most of them are spread irresponsibly.”

The parties involved in this scandal have yet to make an official statement at press time. However, Xie Na reposted her husband’s Weibo post about his win in this year’s Sino Chart, proving that their relationship is still going strong.

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Zhang Jie, Xie Na

Zhang Jie and Xie Na

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