G.E.M. Tang is dating a Caucasian 22 years her senior?

G.E.M Tang

After the high profile break-up between Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin and Hong Kong singer G.E.M. Tang, which was followed by rumours that their relationship was actually a sham, G.E.M. has reportedly  found a new love – 44-year-old Lupo Groinig, who is the founder of a music production company.

According to a magazine report, Lupo had showered G.E.M. with care and concern after the split, and the pair subsequently developed feelings for each other. It added that the couple have been dating for two weeks.

However, G.E.M. denied the rumour on Weibo two days ago, saying: “Lupo and his girlfriend are in a stable relationship, and I also know her. Lupo and I are working partners, and his girlfriend trusts us.”

It appears that Lupo is quite the ladies’ man, having been romantically linked with many female celebrities, such as Sandy Lam and Wilson Chen’s former girlfriend, model Mandy Lieu.

Since Yoga and G.E.M.’s break-up made headlines last month, many have been speculating the reason behind their split. Some said G.E.M. wanted to focus on her career after she shot to fame through China’s I’m a Singer competition, while others claimed Yoga was two-timing her with Taiwanese model Chen Kuangyi, though it was revealed recently that the third party may have been singer Kiki Ding instead.

G.E.M Tang

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