G.E.M Tang finds herself in another photo scandal

G.E.M Tang

This hasn’t been a good year for Hong Kong singer G.E.M Tang – not only did she go through a nasty breakup with Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin in February, she was later accused of being the third party in Chinese stars Zhang Jie and Xie Na’s marriage.

Recently, G.E.M’s image took yet another hit when compromising photos that supposedly showed her baring the upper half of her body were circulated on the Internet.

Rumour had it that EXO fans had posted the pictures onto ex-Chinese soccer player Li Yi’s fan café after the latter’s fans spammed EXO’s forum. Netizens also claimed that EXOtics (EXO fans) had chosen to expose compromising photos of G.E.M because of the bad relationship between them and her fans.

When the scandal broke, EXOtics disclaimed responsibility for the photo leak, while G.E.M’s fans angrily stated: “[We] hope for netizens not to spread rumours; the identity of the female in the compromising photos must be confirmed.”

Some netizens found that although the female in the photos has features that are similar to G.E.M’s, the latter’s misaligned upper and lower jaws – caused by a problem with her left jaw – is not distinctly shown the picture; hence, many suspect that G.E.M is not the female in the photos.

On Wednesday, the 22-year-old, who is currently holding a concert in Dalian, responded to the rumours through a spokesperson: “these pictures are obviously not of G.E.M. Since they are fake, we don’t have to respond to it.”

The spokesperson added that as there have been too many erroneous reports about G.E.M recently, they will be dealing with this through the law.

The singer herself left a comment on her Weibo before the concert started: “Is 10kg of cotton or 500g of metal heavier? I won’t let myself fall for the same thing twice. I swear that I will wipe my tears and give the audience who love me the best concert tonight!”

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