Frankie Gao’s son to receive biggest inheritance

Frankie Gao

The fourth will of late Taiwanese singer Frankie Gao surfaced on Monday. It was disclosed that his assets including property, cash and investments, will be inherited by his six children from three marriages.

Reports also stated that Frankie had originally planned to give his only son, Bao Di, half of the inheritance. However, he later changed the amount to one-third, while Ah Bao, his eldest daughter with his third wife Chin Youzhuang, will receive another one-third. His four other daughters will each get an equal sum from the remaining one-third.

Sources further revealed that Frankie penned the will in 2012, and that it has since been kept by his friend named “Wu”.

When contacted by reporters, Youzhuang’s father, who accused Frankie’s assistant Zhao Shuzhen of misappropriating the late singer’s assets, said that the lawyer will handle the distribution of the inheritance accordingly.

In memory of the iconic singer, MediaCorp has produced a special remembrance programme Remembering Gao Ling Feng, which will feature performances of Frankie’s greatest hits such as “A Fire in Winter”, “Big Eyes” and “Flaming Phoenix”. Local artistes including Marcus Chin, Kym Ng, Dasmond Koh and Malaysian director Namewee will also talk about the late songbird in the show.

Catch Remembering Gao Ling Feng at 8pm on Ch8, Mar 3 (Mon).

Frankie Gao

Ah Bao and Bao Di

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