Frankie Gao’s former wives attend tearful farewell

Frankie Gao

Late Taiwanese singer Frankie Gao’s farewell and cremation ceremony was held on Tuesday, and he was sent off by his first and third wives, Lin Yuzhao and Chin Youzhuang.

The grieving Yuzhao wept and said: “Hope he can depart in peace, without any worries.” She added that she would leave the issue of inheritance to the children, and that it was not in her position to ask about it.”

Youzhuang chipped in: “We shouldn’t be discussing about money at this ceremony.”

However, Frankie’s favourite wife, his second – Wen Jie – was not present. Some said she felt it is not appropriate for her to come as she has another lover. Her daughter, Ge Xiaojie, came in her place.

Apart from the late singer’s family, many artistes also attended the ceremony. Those who could not attend due to work commitments, such as Taiwanese celebrities Chu Keliang, Hu Gua and Jacky Wu, sent wreaths and gifts, along with their condolences.

Taiwanese host Zhang Fei, who was in charge of Frankie’s farewell concert, expressed his regrets. “We’ll always remember him. I was telling [Taiwanese actor] Chu Keliang that when put together, our power is like a bomb, and we actually came together and performed at his farewell concert. It shows that Frankie is someone that his friends would do amazing things for,” he said.

Frankie’s only son, Bao Di, represented his five siblings and gave a statement regarding Frankie’s inheritance. “We will treasure the inheritance that our father has left for us. The inheritance department will discuss the details with my sister,” he said. “From today onwards, apart from the six of us, his children, no one can interfere with our domestic affairs.”

He also expressed his gratitude towards his father. “Daddy, after you fell ill, I slept in the same room as you. You often used simple words to help me see my direction in life,” he said. “I assure you that I will be serious in my learning, and be an upright man.

“When we meet again in the afterlife, I will say that I am honoured to be your son. Thank you!” he said, before breaking down.

Frankie’s body was cremated after the ceremony, and his ashes will be placed at Fu Tian Miaoguo at the North Coast. A memorial hall will be built for future generations to pay homage.

Frankie Gao

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