Frankie Gao’s assistant accused of misappropriation

Frankie Gao

Frankie Gao’s former assistant, Zhao Shuzhen, has been accused of misappropriating the late singer’s assets after he passed away last Monday.

According to Taiwanese media, the father of Frankie’s third wife, Chin Youzhuang, was displeased that Shuzhen revealed Frankie’s inheritance to reporters. He reportedly called her “a helper who has no right to make statements” and warned her to “have a conscience”.

Additionally, he demanded that Shuzhen hand over Frankie’s wallet, bank book, mobile phone and voice recorder, which she had allegedly deliberately withheld. Shuzhen is also said to have been removing Frankie’s belongings from his home.

Youzhuang’s father further claimed that Frankie had once complained about Shuzhen making a mess of his accounts.

In response to the accusations, Shuzhen explained that she has yet to return Frankie’s belongings to his family because she has been “too busy”. “What good does it serve me to keep those things?” she cried.

Although Shuzhen’s services was terminated last Tuesday, she insisted on working till the memorial concert on Mar 8 and reportedly demanded for wages. Feeling unjust, she refuted the claims, saying, “I would volunteer to help out, even if I don’t get paid.”

Frankie Gao

Chin Youzhuang and Frankie Gao

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