Francis Ng cries over son’s injury

Francis Ng, Feynman Ng

Hong Kong actor Francis Ng shed tears over his son, Feynman Ng’s injury, proving that he’s a doting dad after all.

The 52-year-old and Feynman, 5, are currently the hottest father-son pairing in Dad, Where Are We Going 2, the second season of the popular Chinese reality show. Francis’ parenting style has drawn exceptional attention, for he prefers to give his son tough love instead of pampering him like other parents do to their children.

According to Chinese media reports, the playful Feynman recently fell into a pond while fooling around. After he was saved by staff from the production team, Feynman remained behind and was afraid to go home for fear of his father finding out about the consequences of his mischief.

Francis eventually came looking for his son. After learning about the incident from the staff, he gathered Feynman into his arms and chided, “Why didn’t [you] go home if you’re hurt, think about it yourself.”

After they got home, the actor carefully applied medication onto Feynman’s wound. Although he continued to scold the latter for misbehaving, it was evident that his heart hurt for his son.

He told Feynman, “Next time if you’re hurt, you must let me know, okay?” Father and son even made a pinky promise.

Francis then hugged Feynman tightly and shed tears as he reminisced about how his own mother had scolded him on the way home when he got hurt while playing many years ago: “You must remember this forever – [your] mother crying while beating you, reasoning with you, you must remember those teachings forever.”

Francis Ng

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