Francis Ng and Julian Cheung begin filming for Triumph in the Skies movie

Julian Cheung, Charmaine Sheh

After Hong Kong drama Triumph in the Skies achieved great success and became one of TVB’s highest rated productions of the year, preparation for a movie sequel quickly went underway.

Filming officially began on Sunday – with location shoots in England and Belgium scheduled – and the main leads arrived all decked up in their pilot uniforms.

According to lead actor Francis Ng, he will be reprising his role as Samuel Tong, a loyal and sentimental pilot: “The story starts a few years after what happened in the dramas; a lot of things are already over.”

Although he isn’t sure if he will be having a love line with the newly casted female lead, Sammi Cheng, he’s certainly looking forward to it. He jested, “If the actor is obedient, [he] gets to kiss the female lead.”

When asked if he would consider filming a drama with his son, Feynman Ng, following the great success of the reality show Dad, Where Are We Going 2, he replied that his son does not like to face the camera. Furthermore, his schedule is already jam-packed all the way till next year. As such, even if he has such plans, it can only happen in 2016.

Along with Francis, Julian Cheung will be returning as the highly popular “Captain Cool”, and is once again collaborating with his rumoured ex-girlfriend, Charmaine Sheh, who is playing an air stewardess.

They may not be a couple in the film, but rumour has it that Julian’s wife, Anita Yuen, refused to allow him to take up the role. Julian denied those claims: “Our other halves really can’t escape [from these accusations]; when something happens, she (Anita) is accused of being overbearing. Don’t make her sound so evil, she is actually very gentle.”

Additionally, the movie’s cast will see a few fresh faces, with the addition of big-name celebrities such as Louis Koo, Sammi and Charmaine.

Among the newcomers, Sammi has attracted the most attention for her role as a rock singer, instead of a pilot. In fact, she only adorns the pilot uniform for a commercial: “Wearing uniforms is my hobby. [I’m] very happy, [I] tremble whenever I see the three male leads. [I] understand the power of dramas; the leads’ souls and bodies are all so attractive.”

When asked if she has watched the previous dramas, she admitted that she only watched a few episodes, but is aware of the smashing reviews and ratings. Hence, she is very happy to be able to join the cast and develop a romance with Francis in the air.

As for whether her salary has seen an increase, Sammi laughed heartily: “Why must it have a special increase? How could I dare to increase [my salary] when the three male leads haven’t? [My salary] decreases by the minute.”

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