Fish Leong’s son resembles Eddie Peng?

Anderson, Fish Leong

After giving birth to a son in April, Malaysian Mandopop singer Fish Leong has since been sharing photos of baby Anderson on Weibo. Last Saturday, she posted a photo of herself and her boy with the caption: “Good morning! Anderson says hello to everyone!”

Showing off large doe eyes and blissful smiles, netizens commented on how adorable both mother and son looked. Sharp-eyed netizens even spotted the resemblance between Anderson and Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng and said that “Anderson will grow up to be a handsome lad”.

It is said that 36-year-old Fish has yet to lose her pregnancy weight even though four months have passed after delivering Anderson. She previously said on Weibo: “It is so difficult to slim down after giving birth, but Mummy will work hard.”

However, Fish’s good friend Jolin Tsai praised her for looking as pretty as ever with her sharp chin and palm-sized face as seen in the photo.

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