Fish Leong’s son is musically inclined

Fish Leong

In a microblog post yesterday, Malaysian singer Fish Leong’s Taiwanese wine trader husband, Tony Zhao, claimed that their two-month-old son Anderson has inherited his mum’s music talent.

He posted a photo of the baby boy and wrote: “Unexpectedly, Anderson smiled so widely when he heard his mummy’s song Chong Bai, especially the part where I changed the lyrics to ‘There’s urine in the diaper, there’s milk in the bottle. I exist because you do.’”

Tony also added that though Anderson is unable to speak yet, he would laugh and hum along to the melody. Besides Fish’s songs, the doting father would also play other children’s music at home.

“Fish hasn’t thought much about it. Of course it’d be nice if there is an opportunity, but it is still too early to say,” replied Tony, when asked if the couple intends to nurture their son into a musician.

Fish Leong

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