Felix Wong accused of neglecting his father

Felix Wong

Hong Kong veteran actor Felix Wong has been accused by his stepmother of neglecting his 84-year-old father, who is currently in a critical condition. The Legend of the Condor Heroes star reportedly did not visit his ill-health dad even once, after the latter was admitted into the hospital.

Responding to the reports, Felix admitted that he is not on good terms with his family, but denied abusing his father. “My conscience is clear,” he reiterated.

Felix, who had always avoided talking about his personal issues in public, added that “every household has their own problems”. The actor also insinuated that his stepmother is trying to stir controversy by telling stories to reporters. “Time will tell a person’s true colours,” said the 52-year-old.

Meanwhile, Felix’s stepmother emphasised that she only hopes for the actor to visit and help look after his father, and that she does not harbour any other motive. “It was his uncle who called the reporters, not me!” she exclaimed.

Felix Wong

Felix Wong’s father and stepmother

Felix Wong

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