Faye Wong postpones plans of becoming a nun for her daughters

Faye Wong

After her high-profile divorce with actor-director Li Yapeng last September, Chinese diva Faye Wong turned to religion for comfort and was widely speculated to become a nun. However, sources recently claimed that the songstress is holding back her plans for her two daughters, Dou Jing Tong and Li Yan.

A staunch Buddhist since young, Faye’s interest in the religion grew even stronger under the influence of her good friend Carina Lau. Following the singer’s exit from the entertainment industry in 2005, she has gone on several pilgrimages which fuelled rumours of her becoming a nun.

Despite her occasional appearances in public, Faye is said to have no intentions of making a showbiz comeback. Recent reports even claimed that the 44-year-old, who is currently residing in Beijing, has bought a villa in Yunnan where she will free herself from secular worries. 

“Actually, Faye has always felt detached from the secular world. She only recognised her ‘worth’ when she started engaging in Buddhist meditation, but she is unable to let go of her daughters,” said an insider.

It is also revealed that Faye is especially concerned about seven-year-old Li Yan, whereas she believes that Jing Tong, who turns 18 this year, would be able to look after herself.

“Li Yan’s dad (Yapeng) loves to have fun. Faye is worried that she would be led stray without proper guidance,” the insider added. “If she still feels an affinity with Buddha when Li Yan is old enough to be independent, then she might leave everything behind.”

Faye Wong

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