Faye Wong denies involvement in drug arrest

Faye Wong

Rumours of Chinese-Hong Kong singer Faye Wong’s arrest due to drug abuse is spreading like wildfire across the Internet.

She was said to have been arrested in Pinggu, Beijing, along with other stars such as Chinese singer Na Ying, Taiwanese diva A-mei, actress Vicki Zhao and Maggie Cheung.

This isn’t the first time that the 45-year-old has found her name linked to drugs. In 2011, when Hong Kong actor Sun Xing and Max Mok were arrested for doing drugs, the former had provided police with insider information on the drug scene in the entertainment industry.

At that time, rumours that “Female Star W [is] involved with drugs” had already spread in China, and the arrows were all pointed at Faye. She responded to the speculations on her Weibo, claiming that the rumours were “silly; [and that she] was aware of [her] own innocence”, laughingly adding that “recently, the title of ‘diva’ isn’t a good thing”.

However, the speculations resurfaced recently, when a netizens revealed the entertainment industry is “really not peaceful.”

“A big-time diva was arrested for doing drugs; as for whether the media will release the news, it’ll depend on the ability of the public relations officers,” netizens said.

Faye has yet to personally address the rumours this time round, unlike her prompt response three years ago. Panicked fans have called for her to clarify matters on her Weibo, in order to stop people from making wild accusations.

Although Faye has not heeded their advice, the singer and Na Ying’s bosom pal, producer Qiu Li Kuan, expressed the singer’s innocence: “Faye couldn’t have [done drugs]! She’s a vegetarian and practices Buddhism, reciting scriptures from morning to night; Na Ying is currently on vacation in Canada with her kids.”

Faye’s manager, Katie Chen, also issued a statement that denied Faye’s involvement with drugs: “Recently, there have been rumours spreading on the net that a ‘diva’ had been arrested for drug abuse. The media used our company’s artiste, Faye Wong’s pictures on the related article without verifying their facts beforehand; this behaviour is counted as slander and a malicious attack.”

Netizens have noted that Faye was active on Instagram on Sunday night, and even interacted with fans on Weibo. On Monday, the singer’s friend also posted a photo of her on Weibo, indirectly disclaiming the rumours.

Additionally, Shen Li Hui, the founder of Modern Sky Records, Maggie Cheung’s representative company in China, expressed his disbelief at the charges: “Maggie is now in Hong Kong; how could she have been arrested in Pinggu? Impossible!”

A-Mei’s manager, Chen Zhen Chuan, also claimed the rumours were “boring”, and emphasised that they retain the rights to press charges; Vicki’s close friend clarified matters for her, saying that “she even went for supper at midnight yesterday”.

On Monday night, reporters contacted the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Public Security, Pinggu Branch, for clarification. The public security officer denied any truth in the rumours: “There’s no such thing! Where did this spread from? [I’ve] never heard of this before.

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