Fans distressed by Joe Chen’s smoking photos

Joe Chen

Taiwanese actress Joe Chen, who has always sported a demure and sweet demeanour, was recently photographed smoking at the dinner table, dashing the perfect image some fans and netizens have had of her.

She is recently starring as an air stewardess in Shanghainese drama Marry a Man to Live, and had posted on Weibo photos of herself dressed in her air stewardess uniform. Her sweet and elegant photos have received much praise from netizens.

But what shocked fans and netizens alike was when her photos of her smoking appeared online and went viral. She was seen wearing a cap and black sweater, with a cigarette visibly wedged between her fingers.

Distressed netizens began to lament that their good impression of her has been tainted. Some of the comments included: “She doesn’t seem to be so perfect in my eyes now”, “this damages her pure and sweet image” and “you’re no longer my goddess”.

But others defended her, retorting: “If purity and innocence can be judged by smoking, the judge must be really immature.”

Some also added: “It’s very normal, as long as she’s not taking drugs, it’s okay! I still like Joe very much.”

Joe Chen

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