Fan buys $166,000 crystal piano for Jam Hsiao

Jam Hsiao

Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao has been embroiled in a war with his overzealous fan, Yuki, for more than a year.

Although Yuki had earlier declared that she would sue Jam and his manager for slander, she continued to express her love for him on the side.

The rich Japanese fan has always been generous in expressing her love for her idol. In the seven years that she has been chasing after Jam, she is estimated to have spent a total of NT$14 million (approximately S$581,819).

On Saturday, Yuki revealed two of the most extravagant purchases that she had made for Jam – the NT$40 million (approximately S$1.7 million) luxury apartment a floor below Jam’s home, and a crystal piano that she had ordered specially for him, valued at NT$4 million (approximately S$166,546).

The piano had the words “Dearest Jam, With Love, From Yuki” engraved onto it.

Yuki explained her purchase to reporters: “[I] heard that he likes crystal pianos, [so I] bought this as his birthday present in March last year. At that time, the maker said that it would take half a year for the preorder, [but] so many things ended up happening in the following six months; he probably won’t accept it now. I might rent it to a school, but will not donate it.”

She added that an employee from the piano maker had been to Jam’s agency to take measurements last year: “They, including Summer, all know that I bought the piano, and didn’t refuse it.”

Summer, Jam’s manager, disagreed with her claims: “Two years ago, Jam already made public that he would not accept gifts from fans, [so] we rejected her piano in a roundabout way last year.”

“However, she changed tactics and said she was just ‘leaving it’ at our company. She can’t expect people to accept things just because she wants to do it herself. [We’ll] suggest that she donates the piano to help more people,” Summer added.

Although the piano has already been sent to her home, Yuki has already given up on Jam, looking back on the stress that she had been given through the past six months.

As for her earlier claims on Weibo that she had had a one night stand with Jam, she clarified: “[I] was just saying it, there’s no such thing.” She also promised not to blabber on Weibo in the future.

Summer is not as willing to let things rest. She has filed a case against Yuki, and declared, “Unless she’s willing to make a public apology, she has to pay for what she said.”

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