Fala Chen injures her cervical spine

Fala Chen

Former TVB actress Fala Chen sprained her neck while filming an action scene for singer-actor Ronald Cheng’s movie, Mysterious Treasure.

Last year, Fala left TVB in order to pursue a career in film, and accepted a role in Mysterious Treasure. 70-percent of her role involves action scenes and Fala, who is not well versed in martial arts, refused to use a substitute. She started training with a martial arts teacher a few months back to prepare for the role.

The 32-year-old actress tried her best to finish her scenes, but the extreme working conditions – 10-hour work days and sweltering heat (40 degrees in temperature) – pushed her to the limits, and she sprained her neck after incorrectly exerting force during a fighting scene.

A production staff recounted, “Fala was using a rather heavy leather whip during that scene. She sprained her neck because she didn’t know the correct way to exert force. Actually, there were many high-level stunts that the director told her to leave to the substitutes, [as he] was afraid that she would not be able to cope. However, she was not willing [to do it]. Although the film company bought insurance for everyone, the numerous injuries that she sustained are bound to leave aftereffects. Fala realised that her limbs were numb and she couldn’t feel anything after she sprained her neck, so she returned to Hong Kong early for medical treatment.

Fala returned to Hong Kong for medical attention after she experienced sharp pain in her head and neck. An MRI scan revealed that two sections of bone in her cervical spine had severely shifted out of place.

An insider claimed, “There were two sections of her cervical spine that shifted out of place and were pressing against her nerves. Because there is a huge risk involved, [the doctor] has arranged for her to go for physiotherapy regularly. During this period of time, she can’t participate in extreme exercises; if she doesn’t manage [herself] properly, [she] could end up paralysed.”

The day after her discharge from hospital, Fala attended the opening ceremony for an accessories shop. When the filming conditions for her movie were mentioned, she lamented, “[It was] hot and tiring! I had a little heatstroke because [the weather] was about 50 degrees, and slimmed down by a few pounds.”

As for her many injuries sustained from filming, she expressed: “[I] can’t move my neck too much now, [and] have to go for physiotherapy.”

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