Fake vs Real Park Nima 2016

Recently, some video of fake Vivien Park Nima have surfaced and distributed on the internet.
KoreanFanS.NET decided to look into it. We have created a video that somewhat explains what
is going, so if you wish to know if the recent Park Nima is real or bogus, watch the video on this

Things to look out for:

  • The cheek and nose of FAKE Park Nima have been highly and skillfully “grafted” using plastic surgery to look similar to the REAL Park Nima, but unless you are blind, you should tell the differences.
  • Compare their HAIR Texture carefully. Hair texture is natural and no matter what expensive treatment you have done, you can definitely still tell it. Fake Park Nima hair is dry and looks like grass while the REAL Vivien Park Nima’s hair is of super high quality texture, natural black and silky.
  • REAL Park Nima’s eyes could talk.. but the Fake’s eyes cannot.

The Fake Park Nima is working as a web cam bj girl in CHINA. We trust that the Fake girl is indeed a local born and raise South Korean girl. But she was trained to behave and act like the real Vivien.

Many people have said that the real Park Nima is a 100% plastic face because she looks so beautiful.. so now compare the 2 and you shall see which face equals to REAL PLASTIC.




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